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August: Dignified, Impressive, Noble, Great, Kingly and Grand Ragdoll kittens

We are a small hobby breeder of the beautiful and sweet Ragdoll cats.  We are located just west of Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri. All of our Ragdolls are born & raised in our home with our dog and 3 children. We have been told by several people that our cats are “bomb proof”. They easily adjust and settle quickly into new situations. With 3 kids lugging them around, hugging and kissing them, we wouldn’t expect anything else. Our cats are part of our family, for life!

All of our cats are HCM tested negative. We are a registered cattery with TICA, CFA & ACFA.

We are proud to exhibit our cats in  TICACFA and ACFA shows.

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August Ragdolls

The physical beauty is usually the first thing that you will notice. Their soft expression is almost like that of a little angel and upon a closer look…you will find that they have a personality that reflects what you see on the outside!

Ragdolls are a VERY loving breed. I often find myself saying that my ragdolls are my loveable lugs! They tend to be a very relaxed cat that goes with the flow and they like pretty much anyone and anything that the meet! Ragdolls are not high strung, high energy, or high maintenance in any way shape or form! Often times my ragdolls can be found lounging around on their backs, feet up in the air, taking it easy! They are VERY adaptable and do well with single owners and families. There is NO cat that I would ever recommend over a ragdoll for a family cat. They are FANTASTIC with young children and other pets if raised with them…and if not most will adjust very well due to their accepting nature. My children can pick up, hold, and snuggle all of my cats WILLINGLY 🙂

Ragdolls are a large breed of cat and are slow to mature in both size and color. (reached between 4-5 years of age) Males range between 15 to 20 pounds and females about 5 pounds less.

The Ragdolls fur is very unlike that of other cats. It is more like that of a rabbit or a silk scarf! Ragdolls DO shed and are NOT hypoallergenic! However due to the different texture of the fur I find it much more manageable and very easy to pick up. It is so soft that it just sits on top of the surface instead of working its way into fabric and is therefore easy to pick up. Just a damp hand or rag will lift most hair off your clothes.

Ragdolls require little or no routine grooming. However most of
my ragdolls LOVE to be brushed just for fun and are VERY easy to give baths to! The ragdolls have non-matting fur for the most part, however sometimes they CAN mat under their arms and behind their tails.

Ragdolls are a pointed breed (meaning that the body is a lighter color than the points, ie face, legs, tail, and ears) They come in a wide variety of colors from seal, blue, tortie, cream, and red….just to name a few! They also can come in “lynx” which is a pattern along with their color giving them an appearance much like a tiger would have!

Ragdolls come in four patterns:

Colorpoint-(solid color points)

Mitted (mittens on front legs boots on the back. Can have a blaze, white chin and belly strip)

Bi-color has all white legs/paws, underbody, chest, and an inverted “V” on their faces that is also white

You have not been loved until you have been loved by a Ragdoll